Tochi Torch Has Arrived At Wild Bill’s – Reserve Yours Today!

Written by Joe Leija

June 13, 2018

What is the Tochi Torch?

The Tochi Torch is first of its kind. Most torches require butane and produce a flame to heat up your rigs and buckets. Then depending on your torch and bucket or nail, it could take some time to actually heat up. Temperatures are always varying making it hard to get consistent heating. Well, the Tochi Torch does away with all of that.

There’s no butane needed and that means there is no flame needed. The Tochi Torch is an electronic torch that produces and holds perfect temps for vaporizing. This is definitely not your traditional torch. With a strong construction and a design with a low center of gravity to reduce tipping.

How does the Tochi Torch work?

No more refilling your torch and heating up your pieces with a flame. Just plug in your Tochi Torch set your desired temperature and your all set. It surrounds the quartz and rig with hot air that heats the piece up. Within 30 seconds to a couple minutes, you are ready to go. On top of that, you don’t have to wait for your piece to cool down. It’s good to vaporize right away!

Tochi Torch Features

There are plenty of features that make the Tochi the amazing piece of equipment it is.

  • Works with all quartz buckets and nails
  • Heats up your buckets and nails in 30 seconds to a couple minutes
  • No butane = no fossil fuels = better for environment
  • No open scorching hot flame
  • Comes in portable laser cut foam lined packaging
  • Allows you to get the best flavor profile while vaporizing.

Reserve your Tochi Torch with Wild Bill’s

We can not get these in fast enough. As soon as they hit our shelves they are gone. Even with this order, we have a limited quantity at this time. Fortunately, Wild Bill’s has your back and you can reserve one with us.

If you are interested in reserving a Tochi, head over to our Instagram and give us a follow. Once you find us on there send us a direct message. Let us know you would like to reserve a torch and we will have it sent to your closest Wild Bill’s location.

Reserve your Tochi Torch today!
*Michigan residents only*

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