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Oliva Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar 2021

by | Dec 6, 2021 | New Product Release

Oliva Advent Calendar 2021 – Christmas Countdown!

Celebrate the holiday this year with The Oliva Advent Calendar! This Christmas countdown is a sampler of 25 cigars, each designed to open one cigar per day on the days leading up to Christmas. An amazing special edition collection.

Makes for the perfect gift for the cigar aficionado. Grab one at Wild Bill’s before they are gone! Check out our all our locations with our location finder.

Each Oliva Advent Calendar 2021 includes 1 each of the following:

  • Serie V Churchill Extra (7″x52)
  • Serie V Double Robusto (5″x54)
  • Serie V Melanio Toro (6.5″x52)
  • Serie V Melanio Double Gordo (6″x64)
  • Serie V Melanio Robusto (5″x52)
  • Serie V Melanio Maduro Figuardo (6.5″x52)
  • Master Blends III Torpedo (6.5″x52)
  • Connecticut Reserve Toro (6″x50)
  • Cain F Robusto (5.7″x50)
  • Cain Habano Robusto (5.7″x50)
  • Cain Maduro Robusto (5.7″x50)
  • Cain Daytona Robusto (5″x50)
  • Cain Daytona Corona (6″x46)
  • Nub Cameroon 358 (3.5″x58)
  • Nub Connecticut 354 (3.5″x54)
  • Nub Habano 460 (4″x60)
  • Nub Maduro 460 (4″x60)
  • Serie G Maduro Perfecto (5.7″x54)
  • Serie G Robusto (4.5″x50)
  • Serie G Churchill (7″x50)
  • Serie O Maduro (5″x50)
  • Serie O Torpedo (6.5″x52)
  • Serie O Robusto (5″x50)
  • Gilberto Blanc Robusto (5″x50)
  • Gilberto Reserva Robusto (5″x50)

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