5 Mod Battery Safety Tips Every Vaper Should Follow.

Written by Wild Bill's

April 20, 2016

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5 Mod Battery Safety Tips Every Vaper Should Know:

  1. Always keep your batteries in a case and out of your pockets. Make sure they cannot come into contact with any change, keys, tooling, and etc.
  2. Make sure your battery wraps are in good condition. There should not be any nicks or scratches through the rubber coating. Make sure your battery casing has no damage.
  3. Know your batteries limits, follow ohms law when you are building your coils, and DO NOT put too much strain on your batteries.
  4. DO NOT charge your batteries overnight.
  5. Batteries are best stored at around 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you follow these 5 mod battery safety tips you will help protect yourself and increase the longevity of your batteries.

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